Gas Safety & Call Before You Dig Info

What to do if you smell gas (rotten egg smell):natural_gas_smell

Always leave the premises immediately and call WBNG @ 256-974-9023.

Some important rules to follow when evacuating:

  1. Don’t try to locate the gas leak
  2. Keep everyone away from the area of the odor
  3. Open all doors and windows if you can do so quickly and easily
  4. Don’t turn lights on or off or unplug electrical appliances
  5. Don’t smoke or strike any matches
  6. Don’t use telephone or any electrical equipment that might create a spark in the area of the odor
  7. Stay away from the house or location in question-until it is declared safe to return by Wheeler Basin Natural Gas Company.

Safety Checklist for Lighting Appliances

  1. Make sure your Natural Gas Appliances are clean of dust and debris, and there is proper clearance between heater and curtains, furniture, or anything that obstructs proper function of the appliances.
  2. After lighting the appliance, make sure it has a good burning pilot light with a sharp blue flame
  3. If you have un-vented Natural Gas Logs, make sure the damper on the chimney is closed and the pilot is clean.  With vented Natural Gas logs, make sure the chimney is clean and the damper is open and again the pilot is clean.

Customer Owned Service Lines

Scratch and Sniff

Call Before You Dig

Alabama 811 Is A Non-Profit Organization Providing A Centralized One-Call Notification System Established To Provide A Means To Safeguard Against Injury And Loss Of Life, To Protect Public Services, And To Prevent Damage To Underground Facilities By Providing For Prior Notification Of Excavation And Demolition Activities.

1-800-292-8525 (Call two days before you dig) or 811

Alabama 811 Web Site

The Benefits of Digging Safely

Digging, trenching, boring, augering, and blasting are all inherently dangerous to life and property. Even under ideal conditions with a minimum of underground utilities or other obstructions, the risk of potential damage is high. Unintentional damage to underground facilities during excavation is a significant cause of disruption in telecommunications, water supply, electric power and other vital public services, such as hospitals and air traffic control operations, and is a leading cause of natural gas and hazardous liquid pipeline accidents. Coordination, communication and cooperation between excavators, contractors, homeowners, and utility owners can reduce the risk of damage to utility facilities.
When a contractor, excavator or homeowner plans their work, works their plan and calls for underground utility locates in a timely manner, there are many benefits for all to realize:

  • Reduce the chance of personal injury to employees and citizens.
  • Maintain uninterrupted utility service to the citizens of Alabama.
  • Reduce insurance premium payments.
  • Reduce Worker’s Compensation payments.
  • Reduce non-productive down time.
  • Optimize job-scheduling activities.
  • Reduce overtime payments.
  • Reduce damages to expensive excavating equipment.
  • Reduce or eliminate the payment of property damage claims.

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