Sample Bill

Use this sample bill that has been marked with the letters A-S to match the list of billing items below.


A– Amount due
B– Payment must be received by this date to avoid late charges
C– Late charge that will be applied if your bill is late
D– Amount due if your bill is late
E– Customer number
F– Map number
G– Meter number
H– The amount of electricity you’ve used
I– Fees for garbage pick-up by city or county sanitation departments
J– 2.2% tax levied on all utilities
K– 4% state tax
L– Most recent meter reading
M– Meter reading from the previous month
N– Amount of power used this month (L-M)
O–  Amount due for previous billing cycle
P– Late charges affecting last month’s bill
Q– Payments & adjustments affecting last month’s bill
R– Other debits and credits affecting last month’s bill
S– Amount due before adding the charges for the current billing cycle

For questions about your bill, please call your nearest JWEMC Payment Center. (256) 552-2300