WBNG Fees & Efficiency Tips

High efficiency ratings and the availability of energy smart natural gas appliances help make natural gas one of the most affordable fuels on the market.

Schedule of Fees

Monthly Service

  • Residential                                     $7.00  + tax
  • Commercial                                   $20.00 + tax

New Service

  • Standard Tap Fee                      $600.00

This includes up to 300 feet of service line, meter set, gas turned on, & connect fee.  Footage over 300 feet/will be billed at $1.00 a foot.  Credits will be issued for a primary Natural Gas water heater and/or Natural Gas furnace in the amount of $200.00.  Other charges may apply based on location of service (example rock, road bores).

Connect Fee (Turn On)   $50.00/Visit

Reconnect Fee                $50.00

After Hours Charge          $50.00 (Additional)

Collection Fee                   $5.00

Relocation of Service      $100.00 (Minimum + Cost & expenses)

Gas prices effective as of December 2010.


First 50 CCF                                    $1.23
Next 150                                           $1.19
Over 200                                          $1.17

Please contact gas office for more information and promotional offers at 256-974-9023 or visit www.wheelerbasin.com. Current Rates at WBNG are available for download.

Efficiency Tips

Efficient Heating and Cooling

For starters, natural gas heating and cooling systems allow your family to stay warmer while spending less. Air from natural gas furnaces is up to 35 degrees warmer than air from furnaces using other fuel sources, which means your family will feel warmer, faster. In addition, the monitoring systems on two-stage natural gas furnaces and high-efficiency natural gas heating systems maintain your home’s temperature within one degree of the thermostat setting, which means there’s less of that hot or cold temperature swing you expect from heaters using other fuel sources.

Efficient Hot Water Heating

Today’s natural gas hot water heaters are the most efficient models on the market. The most common type of natural gas hot water heater produces up to two times more hot water than hot water heaters using other fuel sources, all in the same amount of time. In addition, the natural gas burners found inside your water heater are capable of much higher temperatures than traditional elements. Since heating water is the second-largest use of energy in most homes, owning an efficient hot water heater isn’t just convenient – it’s also a smart investment!

Efficient Cooking

With natural gas cook tops and ranges, you can count on an efficient cooking experience every time. Natural gas cooking gives you maximum heat in an instant and instant cool-down, unlike traditional elements that keep cooking as they cool down. Natural gas cook tops and ranges also allow for greater cook top flexibility and precise temperature control. All of these combine to reduce your time in the kitchen by making the time you spend there more efficient and productive

Efficient Laundering

Another natural gas unit that’s great to have around the house is a natural gas clothes dryer. These super-efficient dryers give your clothes softness and fluffiness you never thought possible, due to their precise temperature control and moisture from the natural gas flame. Your clothes will be dry in much less time than with traditional dryers, making it possible to do several loads of laundry in the time it took to do just one with a traditional clothes dryer.

Affordable Natural Gas Heat

Natural gas heating systems are more affordable than propane heaters by far! For example, the annual heating cost for a home with a natural gas heating unit is over $200 less than a propane heating system with the same efficiency level*. Over time, natural gas heating systems also last longer than other heating systems, resulting in even bigger savings! * Using 70 MCF natural gas, 770 gallons propane 83% efficiency heating units, 2003 prices

Affordable Natural Gas Appliances

By choosing natural gas appliances, you’ll pay less to operate your appliance than if the unit used another fuel source, and the unit you buy will also last longer! Natural gas is simply more affordable than propane and other fuel sources, so you and your family can enjoy the comforts that a natural gas appliance provides while saving money. If you’d like more information on natural gas or if you’d like to learn how to sign up, call 256.974.9023