Wheeler Basin Natural Gas

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Wheeler Basin Natural Gas Company, Inc. (“Wheeler Basin”) distributes natural gas to residential, commercial and industrial customers in and about Lawrence and Morgan counties, primarily in and near the communities of Falkville, Priceville, Somerville and Trinity.  Wheeler Basin, a wholly owned subsidiary of Joe Wheeler EMC, was incorporated in May of 1994 as an Alabama corporation and is registered as a public utility company, subject to the regulatory authority of the Alabama Public Service Commission. Wheeler Basin is committed to providing customers with a reliable, efficient, economical source of energy, all while striving to give the best possible customer service.  Call today – (256) 974-9023 – to let us help you with your energy needs and to discuss the benefits of using natural gas!

In addition, paying your natural gas bill will soon be a little easier. As of December 1, WBNG’s rates will decrease by approximately 15%. Our rates have remained constant since the last decrease in March, 2006, and we are once again pleased to offer another rate decrease to our customers. High efficiency ratings and the availability of energy smart natural gas appliances help make natural gas one of the most affordable fuels on the market.

Visit us at www.wheelerbasin.com!
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